Q2 – 2018

Integration of ICURY ERC-20 tokens within Icecat user backoffice is realized. Providing incentives to participants in the ICURY pilot.

Q3 -2018

Airdrop 1. Introduction of ICURY as a loyalty token (pilot).


Upload of ICURY tokens in the Icecat user account. Users can see their balance, the overview of transactions, and do peer-to-peer transfers.

H1 2019

Developing and testing ICURY pay button. Developing social media functionalities in Icecat's blog environment, including user groups, abilities to partner, and message partners.

H2 2019

Listing of ICURY at exchanges: Nocks.com, Txbit.io, and several DEXs. Airdrop 2 for 100 first social media users in the ICURY group. Airdrop 3: for the next 100 social media users, that complete their profile, and join Txbit for trade. Airdrop 4: for the next 100 Iceclog social media users that also post their message on public fora. Airdrop 4: for the next 100 social media users, sharing the message on other social media.

H1 2020

Airdrop 5: for the next 100 Iceclog social media users, that complete their profiles, and post their message about ICURY publicly. Accepting ICY as redemption against invoiced Icecat services in co-operation with a 3rd party Payment Service Provider. Have ICY been monitored by all mainstream crypto trackers. See ICURY (ICY) been listed on larger crypto exchanges, as long as they are regulated.

H2 2020

Expand ICURY pilots in co-operation with one or more Icecat clients in its ecosystem. Reward ICY hodlers with service benefits. Experiment with awarding Icecat contributors in ICY.


Accepting cryptos as payment for Icecat services. Analysis and selection Proof Of Stake blockchain for minting and relaunch of ICURY.


Minting test of ICURY on Polygon. NFT creation related to Icecat product data-sheets on Polygon and Solana. Relisting of ICURY (ICY) on the MintMe.com exchange.


Research into zero transaction cost distributed ledger technologies (DLT).